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Matteuccia (ma-toe'-see-uh)

Ostrich Fern

A magnificent fern with large, very lacy fronds that may grow in clumps, attaining a height of four feet or more. They require full shade, plenty of moisture and soil rich in organic matter. These ferns blend well with spring-blooming flowers. The common name Ostrich Fern refers to the outer fronds which look like the tail feathers of a bird. Companion Plants: Anemones, Cimicfuga, Dicentra, other Ferns, Mertensia.


Extremely vigorous, medium green fronds form an erect, tall vase shape like a big shuttlecock, spreads by rhizomes, tolerates sun, but requires moisture, deciduous, blooms early to mid summer, grows 28-30".

Hardiness Zone: 2-8, AHS Heat-Zone: 8-1

Part Shade to Full Shade Deer ResistantGood For Wet LocationsGround Cover

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