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Platycodon (plat-ee-koh'-don)

Balloon Flower

These easy-to-grow plants have unique, balloon-like, puffy flower buds that open into bell-like flowers in July and August, thus the common name Balloon Flower. Prefers well-drained soil. Remove faded flowers to encourage new blooms. Platycodon is Greek for ?broad bell? because of the shape of the flower. Companion Plants: Artemisia, Gypsophila, Phlox subulata.

grandiflora 'Sentimental Blue'

Ideal for rock gardens, very dwarf mound with large blue flowers, blooms early summer - early fall, grows 6"

Hardiness Zone: 3-8, AHS Heat-Zone: 8-1

Full Sun to Part Sun/Shade Deer ResistantGood Cut Flower

#1 Cont., QT

'Miss Tilly'

With its sweet and dainty look, Miss Tilly makes a delightful
specimen. Clear crisp blue, star-shaped flowers make a stunning statement on this dwarf plant. Dark green foliage adds to the outstanding display. Named for a prominent, award-winning flower breeder - Tilly Holtrop upon her retirement. Blooms Spring through Summer and grows 8".

Hardiness Zone: 6-9

Full Sun to Part Sun/Shade Deer ResistantGood Cut Flower

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