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Rudbeckia (rude-beck'-ee-ah)

Black-eyed Susan

Big, bold and colorful describe this group of summer and fall flowering plants. The flowers bear a brownish central cone surrounded by petals of golden-orange and deep yellow. Very drought tolerant. Use in borders and wildflower gardens. The name Rudbeckia honors two Swedish botanists of the 18th century, Olaf Rudbeck and son. Companion Plants: Leucanthemum, Phalaris, Helenium, Miscanthus, Phlox paniculata.

fulgida 'Goldsturm'

1999 Perennial Plant of the Year, 3-4" flowers with golden-yellow petals radiating from a black center, blooms mid summer - early fall, grows 20-24"

Hardiness Zone: 3-9, AHS Heat-Zone: 9-1

Full Sun to Part Sun/Shade Attracts ButterfliesGood for Dry LocationsDeer ResistantGood Cut Flower

#1 Cont., QT

fulgida 'Viette's Little Suzie'

Deep yellow petals surround a dark brown center, compact plant, Blooms of Bressingham, blooms mid summer - early fall, grows 12-14". PP# 8867.

Hardiness Zone: 3-9, AHS Heat-Zone: 9-1

Full Sun to Part Sun/Shade Attracts ButterfliesDeer ResistantGood Cut FlowerGood for Dry Locations

#1 Cont.

hirta 'Tiger Eye Gold'

Daisy-like flower, long lasting semi-double golden orange blooms with dark brown eye lined in gold. Foliage is medium to light green. Very hardy. Blooms mid summer to early fall, grows 18-24".

Hardiness Zone: 6-9

Full Sun to Part Sun/Shade Attracts Butterflies

#1 Cont.

hirta 'Toto Rustic'

Bright 3-4" golden yellow semi-double flowers has a rust red inner ring around a brown cone. Easy to grow. 12-15".

Hardiness Zone: 5-10

Full Sun Attracts ButterfliesDeer ResistantGood Cut Flower


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