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Saxifraga (saks-if-rag-a)

Rock Foil

Low-growing plants with flowers rising gracefully above the foliage. The neat, compact habit makes this an excellent choice for rock garden enthusiasts. Saxifraga comes from the Latin words Saxum (rock) and Frango (to break). Supposedly when grown in a rock crevice, this plant is capable of breaking rocks. Companion Plants: Cerastium, Campanula, Dianthus.

'Highlander Red Shades'

A very low 4-6" tall, dense, cushion forming, evergreen perennial with tiny, grey-green leaves and red flowers in spring.

Hardiness Zone: 5-9

Full Sun to Part Sun/Shade Good for Dry LocationsGround Cover

'Touran Neon Rose'

Touran has been bred and selected for a longer bloom window and better shelf life than other varieties. Plants display larger flowers and bloom time is uniform across all colors. Touran is heat tolerant and its 3-6" tall compact foliage allows for a better habit and fewer disease issues.

Hardiness Zone: 3-9

Full Sun to Part Sun/Shade Good for Dry LocationsGround Cover


x arendsii 'Purple Robe'

Delicate stems bear a profusion of tiny crimson flowers above a cushiony mat of extremely compact, mossy foliage, blooms mid to late spring, grows 6-9".

Hardiness Zone: 5-7, AHS Heat-Zone: 7-5

Part Sun/Shade Good for Dry LocationsGround Cover

x arendsii 'Red Cap'

Plant forms a low 6" cushion of bright-green leaves. Short stems carry upward-facing, cup-shaped red flowers in spring. Requires a cool, moist location; dislikes drought and hot summer weather. Trim lightly after blooming to remove flower stems. Adapts well to growing in clay pots or alpine troughs.

Part Sun/Shade Good For Wet LocationsGround Cover

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