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Sempervivum (sem-per-vy'-vum)

Hens and Chicks

The fascinating combination of varied colors and forms of Hens and Chicks contributes to the diversity of the landscape. Its outstanding texture makes it a unique ground cover or addition to rock gardens. Needs well-drained soil. Blooms in midsummer. Sempervivum comes from Semper (forever) and Vivo (to live) which describes this species well. Companion Plants: Alchemilla, Dianthus, Campanula, Catanache, Festuca, Pulsatilla, Lysimachia, Stachys.


Evergreen succulent, excellent for rock gardens, specialty planters, red and green shades, blooms mid summer, grows 2".

Hardiness Zone: 5-8, AHS Heat-Zone: 8-5

Full Sun to Part Sun/Shade Good for Dry LocationsDeer Resistant

#1 Cont., QT

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