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Osteospermum (oss-tee-oh-SPUR-mum))

The genus Osteospermum belongs to the plant family Compositae (Asteraceae) or Daisy family. The plant originates from South Africa and is therefore also known under the common name 'African Daisy'. The word Osteospermum comes from Greek 'osteon' (=bone) and Latin 'spermum' (=seed): bone seed. Osteospermums are half hardy perennials and will therefore not survive frost conditions.

'Purple Mountain'

The bright purple daisies completely cover the mat of rich green leaves stretching 18-24". Prefers well-drained fertile soil and dislikes extreme heat and humidity. Wonderful for cut flower arrangements! Blooms from late spring to mid-summer and grows 10-12".

Hardiness Zone: 5-8

Full Sun to Part Sun/Shade Attracts ButterfliesGood Cut FlowerGood for Dry LocationsGround Cover

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