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Aubrieta (aw-bree-eh'-tuh)

False Rock Cress

Good ground-covering plant for rock gardens, spring bloomer. Companion Plants: Arabis, Armeria, Alyssum, Bellis, Cerastium, Ferns, Saxifraga.


An excellent choice for wall planting, rock gardens and containers. The foliage is evergreen, a little fuzzy and gray-green in color. Hot pink plants trimmed back after flowering will maintain a dense appearance. Gets 10" tall.

Hardiness Zone: 3

Part Sun/Shade Good for Dry LocationsGround Cover

deltoides 'Purple Cascade'

When in bloom, appears as a solid purple mound, excellent in borders or rock gardens, blooms mid to late spring, grows 4-8?.

Hardiness Zone: 4-9, AHS Heat-Zone: 9-6

Part Shade to Full Shade Ground Cover


'White Well Gem'

Excellent mats of evergreen foliage that thrive in partly shaded areas, purple blooms cover the ground in spring, blooms early to late spring, grows 4-6".

Hardiness Zone: 5-9, AHS Heat-Zone: 9-6

Part Sun/Shade Ground Cover

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