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Phygelius (fy-jel'-ee-us)

Cape Fuchsia

Native to South Africa, cape fuchsias (Phygelius species) will add verve to your borders with vibrant, warm-toned flowers that bloom for months in summer and fall. their common name is mis leading: though cape fuchsias produce tubular blossoms similar to those of hardy fuchsias (Fuchsia species), they're botanicall unrelated. They are closer to kinship to foxgloves and penstemons. The funnel-shaped blossoms are attractive to hummingbirds. Companion Plants: Heuchera, Macedonian pinchushion flowers, Aster, Russian sage, Artemesia.

'Snow Queen'

Compact and long-blooming with dense white flower spikes and strong stems. Grows 18-36".

Hardiness Zone: 7-9

Full Sun Attracts HummingbirdsFragrant Flowers or Foliage

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