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Aegopodium (a-go-poe'-dee-um)


Vigorous weed-free ground cover produces flat clusters of creamy-white flowers, tolerant of most landscape conditions; ideal for slopes and large areas, in mixed gardens should be contained to control spread. Companion Plants: Ornamental Grasses, Phlox, Platycodon.

podagraria 'Variegatum'

Green and white variegated leaves brighten shaded areas, excellent ground cover for large and dry areas, remove any pure green sections that may appear, may be mowed after the creamy white flowers appear, blooms late spring - early summer, grows 10-12"

Hardiness Zone: 3-11, AHS Heat-Zone: 12-1

Full Sun to Full Shade Good for Dry LocationsGood For Wet LocationsGround Cover


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