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Perennial Perfections
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Egg Plant


Fruits are purple, 8-9 inches long, ovular and plants 24" high. Even in poor summers, will reliably produce fruits.

3.5 IN

'Little Fingers'

Unique little eggplants that grow in clusters of 3 or more. Slim fruit and can be harvested when no longer than your little finger. Dark purple fruit is produced in abundance and is delicious stir-fried, grilled or even pickled.

3.5 IN


Graceful, ivory-white fruit. Nicely shaped, long, uniform fruit has a mild, non-bitter flavor. Ready early.

3.5 IN

'Japanese Long'

Cylindrical, shiny dark purple fruit 7 x 2". Compact plants perfect for container.

'Orient Express'

Long Purple

Attractive, slender, 8-10" glossy black fruits in the long Oriental style. Ready up to 2 weeks before other early varieties, it features an ability to set fruit in cool weather as well as under heat stress. Tender, delicately flavored, and quick cooking.


Long White

This strong plant bears beautiful average size 7" x 2" cylindrical white fruit.

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